Mitchell’s Plant

Our Manufacturing Facility

Mitchell’s has always kept itself abreast with modern technology and updating its machinery and equipment with the passage of time. That is the reason Mitchell’s has the latest machines for the processing of raw material and manufacturing of grocery and confectionery products. This technology update has also brought an advantage of increased production capacity. In order to utilize this capacity, Mitchell’s has started offering Co-pack services to various organizations, given the technical and R&D expertise that Mitchell’s possesses. We deal in the following product categories:


Mitchell’s has got state-of-the-art juices and squashes manufacturing set-up in PET and is capable of developing any flavour with any specifications.

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Mitchell’s preserves range has been the first choice of every household for 85 years and there is no match to Mitchell’s preserves range. Mitchell’s produces best quality preserves based on vacuum cooking technology to preserve flavour and taste.

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Ketchup & Sauces

Ketchup and sauces are also one of the specialties of Mitchell’s. The highly automated lines contribute to a superb final product.

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Pickles & chutneys

No one knows traditional taste better than Mitchell’s. Our R&D department is capable of developing any kind of recipe comprising pickled fruits and vegetables.

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Ready to cook

As the leading fruit and vegetable processor of the country, Mitchell’s possesses the expertise required to process and can fruits and vegetables using a fully automatic line.

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Ready to Eat

Mitchell’s has got all the expertise and facilities to process and can, utilizing a fully automatic line, the vegetables and fruits.

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Mitchell’s has a high-tech and modern bar line, manufactured by Sollich, the world famous German brand for chocolate machinery, which is capable of producing bars of any size and weight. We deal in bars of all types including caramel, nougat, coconut, cereals and nuts, both with and without chocolate enrobing. We have also acquired a state-of-the-art moulded chocolate plant for production of milk chocolate with and without center filling.

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Mitchell’s has got high speed soft and hard candy making machines with a versatility to handle any unit size. You tell us the product and we will make it for you.

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