Mitchell’s Plant


Our aim in using Hydroponics Farming is to produce healthy, pesticide-free and quality vegetables around the year. These vegetables are produced in a protected environment with zero chances of contamination. No pesticide is applied in the hydroponics unit, and its internal environment is controlled to prevent attacks of insects and diseases. At present we have installed a hydroponics unit to produce 100 tonnes per annum. We plan on expanding this project in the future, as per market demand. Only high-yielding hybrid vegetables are grown using this novel technique. At present we have installed hydroponics to produce 100 tons per annum. In future this project will be expanded as per market demand. Only hybrid vegetables are grown using this novel technique, those which have the capacity to produce high yield.With the use of hydroponics farming, we are able to feed the nation safe, healthy and quality vegetables throughout the year by reducing dependency on seasonal fruit cycles.