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Food safety

Mitchell’s has been an approved supplier to the United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP), an honour that vouches for the high quality of the company’s products.

Quality Commitment

For us, quality control starts with the acceptance of incoming raw materials, for which we have exacting standards – materials are not taken into the factory until they have been thoroughly tested and approved. ISO 9001:2008, Halal, PSQCA, YUMS, HACCP.

Our potential

Annually, we have the capacity to produce around 18 million bottles of fruit squashes, nectars and juices, 18 million jars of jam, jellies and marmalades and 14 million bottles of sauces, as well as 5,000 tonnes of confectionery, 2,400 tonnes of enrobed chocolate bars and 600 tonnes of moulded chocolates.

Our Strengths

State of the art , industrial equipment, professional management and a trained workforce, all combine to ensure that Mitchell’s continues its dominance as the innovator, market leader and trendsetter.

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