Social Responsibility



Designed mainly for mother & child care but now increasingly engaged in general medical attention.


In collaboration with renowned philanthropic organisation-LRBT an eye care centre properly equipped has been established in Shergarh. More than 2000 patients have received attention and thanks to the Trust, 250 more have received free cataract operations at the LRBT hospital in Lahore.


A facility attending to nearly 70 patients daily for primary medical care. The fee charge per patient is Rs. 15 while medicines are issued free of charge.


First, the derelict 16th century Sher Shah Suri mosque was rebuilt with the addition of a school for girls, a first for the town. From then to now, there are 32 schools with 4000 pupils, more than half of whom are girls. Classes go from class 1 to 12, and the high school has computer and science labs too. High School premises for students and neighbours of the facility. The School system also includes a teacher-training centre.

Women’s empowerment units

Women’s empowerment units have been set up where the old crafts of carpet weaving, cotton spining and handloom weaving are done.